Why Accessorizing is Important

Ever look at what you are wearing and feel like you need a little more? You have your shirt, your pants, your shoes, and your jacket but you still feel like you are missing something; that’s the importance of accessorizing. An outfit can feel extremely empty without something as small as a necklace and adding accessories can take your outfit from a 5 all the way up to a 10. Yes, accessories can be extremely small, but it gives that sparkle to everyone’s eye that helps catch peoples attention and make you a fashionista. Make sure to follow us on our social media’s, @resellxl, and tag us in your favorite accessory pieces you have.

We have pulled out 10 accessories from out catalog that could give that zhuzh!


Chico’s L Brown Cowhide Leather Belt

Chico’ s M/L Black Leather Belt




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