Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses

It’s an inevitable fact of life. You reach a certain age and suddenly, your weekends are spent travelling up and down the country or even abroad to see friends and family members tie the knot. Lets face it, you’re happy to see someone you love deeply get married, but weddings can be so pricey as a wedding guest, from bachelorette parties, to presents, to hotels and finally, the outfit! Why then. would you spend money on store priced dresses, when you can save some money with ResellXL and still stand out (whilst not upstaging the bride of course)!

So grab your big hat and your confetti whilst we take a look at the gems in our ResellXL catalog suitable for a big day!

Whilst we know that white is a cardinal sin at weddings, white with a floral pattern is totally acceptable! This beautiful Jones New York dress in size 16W is currently on sale for $21.25! Pair with a blue fascinator and white heels and get ready to party!


 How about something with a little more color and personality? This second Jones New York dress in 18W ($32.50) is perfect for any night do. Pair with a big black hat and sequined purse!



Want to be the belle of the ball (after the bride of course)? This gorgeous Ralph Lauren creation (size 16 and just $67.50) just begs to be paired with towering heels to go with the gorgeous scenery for wedding photos.


Finally, maybe you'll want a pattern that matches a rainy day, a cloudy reception, or somewhere were the wedding pictures feature GLORIOUS blue sky. This beautiful stained glass patterned dress from Anne Klein (size 16, $17.50) would be the perfect Swiss Army dress for any eventuality. A silk black clutch with a pair of black heels and you're ready to go!

Why not have a dive into our catalog and see what gems you can find? Luxury designer dresses at a fraction of a cost (because that toaster on the gift list is going to be frustrating enough to get as it is!).

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