ResellXL Presents: Yellow

ResellXL Presents: Yellow

Look at the stars, look how they shine forrrrrr yoooooooou, and everything youuuuuu doooooooo. For they were allllll yellowwwwwww.

Here at ResellXL, we Fashionistas love a colorful wardrobe, and nothing screams summer more than a gorgeous yellow outfit. Here, we go through our current collection and pick out some of the pieces we absolutely LOVE!

Here in DC, the summers are unbearably hot and humid, so this beautiful dress from 6th & Lane would be perfect for venturing outside



 For a trip to the beach, let your vintage fly with this beautiful Ellen Tracy top, now an absolute steal at $20.00



What about those cool evenings (for anybody who’s lucky enough to not feel like they’re swimming in a bath and getting eaten by mosquitoes when they go outside)? From the house of Calvin Klein, this lightweight sweater, currently on the site of $22.50 would be the perfect addition to any sensible weather wardrobe.




And let’s not forget our European Sisters! Just because we’re in America it doesn’t mean you should miss out on a bright wardrobe! These cropped pants from Talbots are the perfect accessory for a European summer. Check out our international shipping options!



Click on the pictures above and take a look around!

Time to go outside and have fun till winter! Here comes the sun, do do do doooooo.

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