Essentials For Your Next Vacation!

Essentials For Your Next Vacation!

Beaches, lakes, and picnics, oh my! It’s summer which can only mean one thing, you’ve got a vacation planned, now comes the stressful part: what to pack? Good thing we here at ResellXL have you covered with the top 5 essentials to pack on your trips this summer. These items will keep you stylish and comfortable so you can take on whatever your vacation has to throw at you!

1. Dresses are the perfect vacation item, no matter how hard you partied the night before if you throw on a dress you look effortlessly put together. Making sure you pick the right material for your dress is important to keep yourself cool and avoid becoming a sticky mess. Opt for cotton, linen, or silk to keep yourself cute.


2. If you’re planning a trip to the water a coverup is key! Coverups are the perfect versatile piece. Stylish for breakfast in town, easy to take off when you’re ready to get in the water, and perfect for when you’re done swimming and getting a snack on the boardwalk. Pair with a bold swimsuit underneath for an easy, cute, and interesting outfit.

3. Sandals are a must for whatever you’re planning this summer. Cute, comfortable, and show off your cute summer pedicure. They can be kept simple and easily be paired with any outfit or a more complicated pair could add an interesting component to your look. 

4. Sunglasses seem obvious but are sometimes overlooked when packing. The right pair of sunnies can pull together an outfit. This summer, don’t just settle for a pair you found at the boardwalk store or local gas station, make sure the accessories on your face are eye-catching.

5. Packing isn’t only about clothes but about your beauty products too. A makeup bag is a must to keep all your precious cargo in, and your makeup bag should match your fabulous personality!


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