Best Seller Spotlight: St. John

Best Seller Spotlight: St. John

St. John Knits is a luxury american knitwear brand, and one of our best sellers! St. John was founded in 1963 by former model Marie St John and her fiance, Robert Gray, and their headquarters are still located in Irvine, CA. The company is known for their beautiful, simple, classic pieces in quality knits. The fabric feels luxurious and substantial, and if you care for the pieces, they will last forever! 

Because of the classic style, many St. John pieces can work in a huge variety of wardrobes. Timeless basics like the knit shells can add a pop of color under a suit- try a beautiful plum or dusty rose


You can also find some chic and funky pieces, like the zip-up color block sweaters. Stand out in a bright, animal print style, or go a little more subtle with chic shades of grey


Last, but not least, St. John can even take you into the evening (and who doesn't want to be comfortable and chic at dinner or a cocktail party!?) with sequined little black dress-esque separates.

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